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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Are Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamond - A Definition

By definition, a natural diamond is a diamond which originates in the earth, and was mined from the earth. The term natural refers to the creation process of the rough diamond material - which has to naturally occur in the earth over millions of years without human intervention.

Examples for diamonds which are not natural include lab-created diamonds. The rough diamond material used in these diamonds does not occur naturally in the earth, and is man-made in a lab instead (over several months, not millions of years). At clarity-enhanced.com we do not deal in lab-created diamonds. We only deal with natural diamonds. There is no real point in enhancing the clarity of lab-created diamonds anyways, because they are originally created almost inclusion-free as they are made in a lab.

Manufacturing A Natural Diamond

Returning to natural diamonds, after the natural rough diamond material is mined from the earth, it still has a long way to go before it becomes the beautiful clear polished diamond one will set in jewelry.

Rough diamond material usually arrives in large blocks - which have to be cut into smaller diamond-sized pieces. The cutting process is part of the manufacturing process of any polished diamond. It is performed with very precise lasers in professional laboratories.

After the rough diamond material has been cut into several different pieces, each piece is about to transform into a polished diamond. The rough diamond material does not sparkle and shine and is usually not even translucent. In order to reveal the true magnificence of the stone, each diamond has to be polished. This process also occurs in professional laboratories.

In most cases, this is where the manufacturing process of a natural diamond ends - the resulting natural polished diamonds can now be set in jewelry. We refer to those diamonds as “non-enhanced” or “untreated” diamonds.

A very small portion of these diamonds contain specific inclusions which can be eliminated (only about 1 in 500 diamonds). The clarity enhancement process takes these unique diamonds and adds another treatment to the end of the manufacturing chain. This treatment, as explained in detail under what is clarity enhancement, is aimed at eliminating some of the inclusions in the stone. The resulting diamonds are the beautiful clarity enhanced diamonds we hold.


As you can see, since the origin of the rough diamond material is natural, a clarity enhanced diamond is a completely natural diamond. The enhancement treatment is just another chain in the manufacturing process which includes cutting and polishing as well.

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