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1.5 carat F SI2 Round Loose Diamond

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Excellent-cut loose Round diamond with F-color and SI2-clarity, ready to be set inside jewelry.




Carat Weight: 1.50   Depth %: 59.1%
Shape: Round   Table %: 54.9%
Color: F   Polish: Excellent
Clarity: SI2   Symmetry: Excellent
Cut: Excellent   Fluorescence: Medium
Measurements: 7.23 x 7.31 x 4.30 mm   Girdle: Thick
Enhancement: Clarity   Culet: None
Color: F Clarity: SI2 Cut: Excellent
This diamond is the least expensive in the colorless diamond range, and therefore provides excellent value for money. It still appears colorless to the untrained eye, and only shows slight color difference when examined in proper conditions next to D and E-colored diamonds. This is the preferred color of choice for those who want a colorless "white" diamonds and want to pay the minimum needed for that. This diamond has small inclusions, which are easily visible under x10 magnification, and usually also noticeable by the naked eye. These inclusions are less evident when the diamond is set, therefore SI2-graded diamonds provide an excellent value for money when chosen for jewelry. This diamond is cut to the finest proportions, resulting in reflection of nearly all incoming light. The brilliance and fire of this diamond are maximal, as it sparkles and appears extremely full of life. Excellent-cut is the highest grade for the cut of diamonds.

This diamond is a natural earth-mined diamond that has been clarity enhanced. This treatment can only be given to about 1 in 500 diamonds. It allows you to receive a very high clarity diamond for only a fraction of the price of an untreated counterpart.

Read more about clarity enhanced diamonds and the the benefits of clarity enhancement.

When sending a clarity enhanced diamond for setting please notify the jeweler that the diamond is indeed clarity enhanced. The jeweler should not apply direct heat to the stone. This is a standard precaution and should not cause any problems.

Read more about the advantages of clarity enhancement.

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What our customers are saying:

James B. (1.01 Radiant F VS2 $1810)
Diamond looks incredible!

Emma J.: (18K Solitare 0.53 D SI1 $850)
Feel free to contact me for references on buying here

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