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Clarity enhanced diamonds are a way of taking something that's good and making it sparkle. you get the same clarity as a diamond that is twice as expensive and just as nice.

Who Are We?

We are a family business, with more than 45 years experience in the diamond industry. It all began with our father, Mr. Joseph Faust, who was one of the pioneers in the revolutionizing of the diamond industry. With the invention of the miraculous enhancement technology, by which diamonds with inclusions are upgraded, Mr. Faust, in the early seventies of the 20th century, mastered this area of expertise and served in one of the three leading companies that received the official franchise for this technology. Mr. Faust mastered the laser drilling and fracture filling applications, and eventually established his own company called "Si-im". Years later, his son, Mr. Netanel Faust, expanded the commercial side of the marketing of such diamonds, under a new family company called "Avnei Hachoshen", established in XXXX. The site "clarity enhanced" (clarity-enhanced.com) is owned by "Avnei Hachoshen"."Avnei Hachoshen" has remained a family business, with Mr. Netanel Faust as the current CEO and founder.

Avnei Hachoshen The Second Revolution.

Avnei Hachoshen has contributed immensely to facilitating access to clarity enhanced diamonds in global markets, by the use of modern online platforms. In the beginning years, high quality clarity enhanced diamonds were marketed only by professional diamond traders with direct access to stocks in the diamond exchange. With the establishment of "Avnei Hachoshen", with daughter offices in three continents, these diamonds became more accessible. Further, with the entrance into the online e-commerce market, these diamonds have become publicly available. Avnei Hachoshen is one of the leaders of this "accessibility revolution". The second area of pioneer work by this family enterprise.

Our Mission